Create a Repair Job - Mobile

In the Maintenance Module:

1. Click on the + icon.


2. Select Repair Job.


3. Click on an asset selection method:

- by scanning the Asset Code

- by entering the Scan Code manually. This is the asset id defined in the database.

- by selecting the location of the Asset Group and then selecting the Asset


3.a Scan Asset Code: this will automatically launch the QR Code reader. Scan the asset QR code to select it.

3.b Enter Scan Code: Enter manually the asset ID and click on Save.


3.c Select the Block, Level, Unit/Area of the Asset Group and then select the Asset you want to assign the Repair Job.

Repair_Job_-_block.png  Repair_Job_-_Level.png  Repair_Job_-_Unit.png


4. Fill in the various fields related to the Repair Job and click on the ✓ icon.


5. After creating a Repair Job, you can also have the possibility to add a photo and/or comment:

a. Click on the + icon.

b. Click on Photo or Comment.

Note: you will be able to see your photo in the new tab called "Files" and your comment in the tab "Notes" at the top.



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