How to setup default contractors for defects?

Automatic assignment of defects to a contractor can be setup in the following manner.

1. In the Project Center Module, select the project.


2. Under Setup Wizard, click on the 6.Defect Master List.


3. Click on the export cloud icon in the top blue bar and select "Link with Subcons". 


4. This Excel file provides the option to assign a specific Contractor for each Defect Type. For each Defect Type please fill in the name of the Contractor Company in the Contractor column.


When a Defect will be lodged, the Contractor will be automatically assigned to this Defect.


  • Only one Contractor can be assigned to one Defect Description.
  • The "CC" column allows other Contractors to see the Defect but they will not be able to take any action on it.
  • You can assign one Contractor for all the Descriptions under the same Defect Type by filling the name of the Contractor in the first line without description.


5. To import the list inside the system, click on the import cloud icon in the top blue bar, select "Master List vs Subcons" and download the completed Excel File. 




After the Setup, in the Quality Module, under Settings - Defect Master List. You will be able to see for each Defect Type the Default Contractor assigned to it.




If a Defect Type doesn't have assigned Contractor after the Setup Phase, when you will assign for this Defect a Contractor for the first time, the system will automatically assign him to that Defect Type for future Defects.


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