Create an Observation - Mobile

In the Safety Module, after selecting the project, please follow the steps to create an Observation:

1. Click on New


2. Select Observation


3. Select the area for which you would like to create the Observation, it can be for the Entire project


4. Select the Status of the Observation


5. Click on Type and select the Type, the list of the Types depend on the project settings

Picture17.png      Picture18.png

6. Click on Description and select the Description, the list of the Descriptions depends on the project settings

Picture19.png      Picture20.png

7. You can also choose one Contributor for this Observation by clicking on Contributor

Picture21.png     Picture22.png

8. You can also add a photo and/or comment


9. Once you finish filling in the Observation Information you can click on the ✓ icon


10. The Observation is saved, it will appear in green for a Positive Observation and in red for a Negative Observation

Picture25.png      Picture26.png

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