Synchronize an NFC tag with a user account

Synchronizing an NFC tag with a user account will create/update the badge number of the account.

To be able to perform the action you need the following: 

  • A new/free NFC Tag,
  • Mobile device with NFC ability (check your mobile settings if you have the functionality NFC and active it),
  • Admin Novade account.
  1. Login to Novade on your mobile
  2. Open the “Resources” module

3. Select staff then choose the account you want to assign the NFC tag to

4. Click on Info


5. Put the NFC tag, just behind the mobile device then click on the button “WRITE NFC TAG"


  1. You will see a pop-up indicating if the Tag have been successfully written or not. Click on ok to confirm.

You can view the badge number of the account by clicking on the pencil in the bottom right corner of the mobile.

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