Create an Incident - Mobile

1. Go into the "Safety" module and select a Project in the project list. 


2. Click on the "NEW" button and select "Incident". 

Note: The Incident functionality needs to be enabled on this project for you to use it.



3. Choose a template for the incident from the Incident template list.

4. Before coming to the Incident editing page, you need to select a location first, usually different projects have different location hierarchy/levels.

5. Fill in the various information fields. The mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). Then click on the "✔" button on the top left corner. The form status is Draft.


6. You can pin the incident on a plan if there is one linked to the location that you have chosen previously by clicking on the Plan tab. Finally, click on the "SUBMIT" button. The incident form status will be submitted.




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