What is the Defect / Unit Status Dashboard ?

The Defect/Unit Status dashboard is a graphical representation of either the progress of defects by unit and/or a graphical representation of custom statuses assigned to units.

Defect Statuses are based on the standard Case statuses in Novade New, WIP, Complete & Closed

Unit Statuses are predefined by an administrator

The Defect Status dashboard can be viewed into the Quality module by clicking on Dashboard in the left panel then on Units Status tab.

Defect status

This dashboard displays the defect status of all the units of the project. 
The colour code used is as follows:

  • Light Grey: The unit does not have any defect lodged.
  • Orange: The unit has open defect(s). The least advanced defect status is "New", 
  • Yellow: The unit has open defect(s). The least advanced defect status is "WIP",
  • Green: The unit has defect(s). The least advanced defect status is "Completed",
  • Grey: The unit has only closed defect(s).


Reminder, the status of the defects are:

  1. New: the defect has been lodged,
  2. WIP (Work In Progress): the defect has been confirmed and the rectification is in progress,
  3. Completed: the defect has been rectified,
  4. Closed (Optional step): the rectification of the defect has been acknowledged.


Custom Unit Status

The Unit status dashboard can also track custom status for unit.
The status label and the colour code are defined during the project setup. 


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