How to Assign a Non-Conformity (NC)?


A Non-Conformity (NC) can be assigned to an individual, a group or a company. The following steps guide you on how to assign an NC on mobile. 

1. On the NC editing page, the field "ASSIGNEE TYPE" is set by default as "All". This means that all companies, groups and individual users will be listed when you click on the "ASSIGNEE" field.


2. You may want to specify the Assignee Type to narrow down the range of your selection. Click on the "ASSIGNEE TYPE" then select "Company", "Group" or "User".


3. Click on "Assignee" then select the assignee in the list . Only one assignee can be selected for each NC.


4. If more than one party is involved in the NC process, you can notify multiple companies/groups/individual users through the "CC" field. The "CC" users are able to view the NC but they cannot mark it as rectified.


5. Once the selection is done, click on the tick icon in the top left corner to go back to the NCR editing page. The selected "ASSIGNEE" and "CC" are shown in the corresponding fields.


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