How to Pin a Form on a Floor Plan

To pin a form on a floor plan, the unit needs to have a floor plan and this action can only be done from the mobile. 

In the Quality module, after selecting the project, please follow the steps to pin a form on a floor plan.

1. Click on "SELECT UNIT".

2. Click on the "Drawing" tab

3. Click on the + button and select "Form".

4. Select the form template you want to create.

5. Press and hold the form icon, then drag it to the correct location.

To pin an existing form to a plan

1. Select the existing form in the forms tab and repeat the steps from 2 to 4.


Note: A form without location can be pinned at any stage of the workflow. However, a form that have already been pinned on a plan cannot see its location been edited after submission. 



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