What is the difference between a Repair Job and a Recurrent Job

There are two types of Maintenance:

  1. Recurrent Job (Preventive)

Recurrent Job or Preventive Maintenance is when you schedule a series of inspections for a particular asset to check if they are in working order.

The recurrent job is a new object which is similar to scheduling in Outlook. The difference here is that this is more than the purpose of just displaying the schedule.  An actual inspection will be created if the technician starts the job on the day. 

This may happen periodically either monthly, weekly, daily or yearly depending on the type of recurrence you will assign.

For an instance of cancellation of jobs, you can cancel a series of a recurrent job or you also have an option to cancel just one job which will not affect the other series eg. It happens on every 1st of the month, you can cancel one job. For instance 1st January, and the rest of the series will not get affected.

  1. Repair Job

Repair jobs on the other hand, only happens once. It is carried out to correct failure detection or breakdown. Repair is carried out to restore the asset in working order. Unlike the recurrent job which is scheduled, repair jobs needs to be requested for the repair work to be done.


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