How to Shift Cases to a New Area ?

If you lodged defects in the wrong area, you can move the associated case to a new area.


1. In the Quality module, after selecting the project, go to Cases and click Filter


2. Search the Area that the defects are initially lodged and select the case


3. Once case is selected, click on the pencil icon


4. Once clicked, edit the Case and save:

 Cases – Please take note of the items to Change:

  1. Unit
  2. Case Number (please remember to rename the case to reflect the new unit info)
  3. Tick the box to update all defects

Defects will automatically get updated to the new Area once the box is ticked


 5. Now, the case will be moved as well as the defects inside it.


 6. Lastly, you would be able to see the changes made in the 'History Log' tab




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