What is the Unit Summary tab?

The Unit Summary tab can be found under the Activity Dashboards in the left panel.

The name of this tab may differ between projects as it adopts the naming of your project spatial hierarchy. For example, if your project gathers data by Chainage, the tab will be labelled Chainage Summary.

The Unit Summary tab provides an overview of each unit's activity status. Users can filter activities by Category and Milestone. 


The colours of the Activity Status is to track the work progression a unit is in.   

No Activities: No Activity has been assigned to the particular unit. 

Not Started: Activity was assigned but no task has been started. 

Overdue: Work are delayed in the unit. Work have not started (past the Planned Start Date). 

WIP: Task(s) started and ongoing work in the unit. 

Completed: All tasks are completed in the unit. 

 WIP Overdue: Work started but later than Planned Start Date. 


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