Why is my Picture Blur ?

Novade allows you to take photos from your mobile and upload them directly into the database.

There are several ways you would be able to use the photo taking features in Novade. 

(i) Take Photo

(ii) Scan Document

(iii) Upload from Google Drive

(iv) Attach Photo from Gallery


 You may notice that the quality of the photos taken may be more grainy or blurry. This occurs when using the Take Photo function because Novade automatically compresses the photo  If you would like to take high resolution pictures (especially to upload hand-filled forms), you may choose to use the Scan Document feature instead, which will give you a clearer image. 

Shown below, is the comparison of picture quality between the two modes.

Screenshot_20190513-1002412.png   Screenshot_20190513-1002482.png


As best practice, only use the Scan Document feature only if you require the photo to be detailed. Each photo taken this way is of a much higher file size and could potentially slow down the system.

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