How to Use the File Repository?

The File Repository allows Admins and Modules Power users to upload files for all users to view. These files can be attached to forms if needed. 

 To access the File Repository:

1. Click on the Novade menu in the top left corner and select the Module

2. Select the relevant Project

3. In the Project, click on Files in the left panel


Files can be organised in folders.

To create folders in the repository:

1. In the File Repository, click on the "+" icon in the top blue bar and select Folder.

2. Input the name of the folder and click Save. It should now be displayed in the list of folders

To add files into a folder:

1. Select a folder

2. Click on the "+" icon in the top blue bar. There is an option to create a sub folder or upload a file or drawing, select accordingly.


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