What is a Defect Liability Period (DLP)?

DLP or Defect Liability Period is the time during which a contractor remains liable to fix and rectify any remaining defects or damages in the development. 

According to authorities, within a certain period of months from the date of Notice of Vacant Possession, the developer is responsible for any defect that occurs in the property.

This means that during the DLP, homeowners can lodge defects and the contractors are required to carry out the rectification works. 

When the DLP has expired, homeowner accounts will no longer be able to lodge defects.


Where can you see the information?

You can see the DLP End date by following the steps below:

 1. Go to the Quality Module, select the Project. Click on the "Units" on the left panel and select a unit.


2. On the unit information page, the Date of Notice, Date Handed Over, DLP Start and End are displayed. 





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