How to Add Tags to an Asset? - Web

Tags help in describing and organising assets. In maintenance, they are usually used to describe the status of Assets.

Note: Tags are defined during the setup of the project and hence can differ according to the project.

Steps to follow:

1. Select "Assets" from the left panel and then select the Assets Group.


2. In the Assets Group, click on the "Assets" tab.


 3. Choose the Asset that you want to add the tags for.


4. Click on the pencil icon in the top blue bar to edit the asset.


 5. On the Edit Asset page, under the Tags field, select one or more tags then click on the check (✓) icon to save the change.


 6. The tags will be listed above the Asset ID.



View Dashboard "Asset Status"

You can go to the dashboard to view the distribution of the assets per tag.

1. Click on Dashboard located on the left panel.

2. Select the Assets tab, on the light blue bar, to view the distribution. 


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